It Could Be Sunny

An otter doing back stroke up stream
Heading towards a waterfall
That will crash over the edge
Dashing me to shattered pieces
Impossible disasters being almost guaranteed
Shovelling the dirt being thrown on me
Trying to figure out how to get it beneath me
To fill this hole that the world is putting me in
Highlighting the catastrophes with every headline
And well-meaning family and friend
Bemoaning the state of almost everything
Searching for sympathetic community in the troubles
But I will not be apologetic for excusing myself
Hiding in my solitude from all that is waiting…
To imminently come crashing down
Instead to give gratitude for whatever it is
That holds it all back in its current state
Thankful for the water, for the shovel
And for the possibility of sunshine and greatness
Of a glorious day

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.09

FOWC: Shovel
RDP: Otter
Image by Tuan Hoang from Pixabay

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