Don’t Visit Me

Keep ye visitors at bay
For I am united with myself
I am the company that I keep
Quite well and most delighted
No need for awkward conversation
Though I do entertain a chat
Hearty debate or clarification
Of what might confound me
That I read upon the flat surface
Of screens that bring dismay
In need of my protection
I switch the darned things off
My own white knight to the rescue
In honour of my precious sanity
Slowly slipping by the devastation
Of each sensationalized news article
I do not lay accusations of dishonesty
But I know there is a line sometimes smudged
To lasso a readership to the headline’s tale
And should I miss any factual morsel
You take upon yourself the honoured task
To divulge each sordid soul crushing detail
That I have done well to avoid thus far
So again I say, do not trouble yourself with me
I have no need for your self-sacrificing service
Duty bound to deliver me all the bad news
I am confidently certain of learning
All of that which I might have need
And I shall retain the delicate fragments
That remain of my gossamer mental state

Debbie Gravett © 2022.11.02

FOWC: United
RDP: Visitor

Image by Miki from Pixabay

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