Where Is The Sin

Call it the Devil’s potion
Sweet syrups of corruption
Inducing giddy laughter
With the dropping of the mask
Abandonment of social acceptance
In the truth serum of these drinks
Stamina tested by their replenishment
I am the lightest of the lot
For only one or two need pass my lips
And I seek the pillow of my bed
Never much practiced to imbibed
And do not condemn the partakers
So long as it all falls within responsibility
Cause no suffering to family or friend
And behaviour is tempered at enough
For the flammable liquid is not the sin
But the actions taken with too much
Give it ill repute in many a house
Where children are starving
And possessions have been sold
Bruises don’t get a chance to heal
And steady jobs cannot be kept
But the tavern’s bill is somehow paid
Without fail, upon consistent patronage

Debbie Gravett © 2022.11.03

FOWC: Drink
RDP: Stamina

Image by Duc Quang Tran from Pixabay

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