Where’s the Bar Set

Do you limbo below it
Or soar right over it
Dancer or high jumper
What kind of man
Addresses the boxes
Of that dreaded checklist
Full marks or failure
How hard is her stance
Are they equally weighted
Or can some be ignored
Are you her ideal beau
Someone to measure up
To sky high standards
Or just be a settling plan

Sorry young lady
I have bad news
This perfect picture
You’ve painted on paper
Might not work as you’d hoped
You might have to deviate
Consider a compromise
I speak from experience
That love doesn’t give the slightest damn
About these lofty movie ideas
Messing with your pretty little head
Because LOVE knows better than you
And much better than I do
The Universe knows just what you need

It might be a few perfect frogs or many
To recognize the real prince that is out there
The one that was made for you
Who doesn’t pass your ‘must haves’ test
But when you’re forced to look closer
To open your eyes without ignoring first
Really see the gift that he is
Delivered by fate and destiny to YOUR door
Pay close attention and don’t let him slip away
Because of obstinance or an irrational list
Because the heart is a complicated and simple place
If you let it speak together with your deepest intuition
You will find love that makes sense
The greatest love completely unplanned

Debbie Gravett © 2022.04.27

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

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