A flash fiction story of mine has been published… in a book!


I entered a competition and… didn’t win, but was offered publication as one of 49 stories. It is surreal to see my name in print and know that it is in a physical book.

The book is available to buy in softcover or e-book here:
City In A Wild Garden


You can find the full table of contents here:
The Nature of Cities – City In A Wild Garden Vol.2
– I’m right at the bottom.

This is motivation for me to continue and work towards a novel of my own. As with most of my writing on my blog, here is a poem about my excitement at this achievement – however small it may be.

An incredible dream long held tight
Crafted, whittled and made just right
Put forth on many a stark white page
Then torn to shreds in despaired rage
The lack of self-efficacy a driving force
Placing stumbling blocks on my course
All entirely viciously self-inflicted
To self-sabotage my doubts are addicted
Interrupting and loudspeaker vocal
To shortfalls, lack and failures most focal
I am struck mute by imposter syndrome
My goals and desires left to aimlessly roam
Whilst the internal battle continues to wage
The keyboard and my hands cannot engage
To any meaningful nor productive end
But momentarily I manage to contend
The cacophony of critics within my head
And those in my physical space and tread
With derision hid behind their smiling lips
Giving unsolicited advice and unqualified tips
Until this glorious day of hope arrives
The kind that possibly changes lives
A glimmer of possibility to fuel motivation
Initiate a self-speak mind alteration
To the limiting beliefs held so long
We shall write a brand new song
My head, my heart, my mind and I
To release my value and my worth
From the external hands where they berth
Allow myself to have faith in my capabilities
Once I silence these voices of hostilities
That look to shade this modicum of success
By reducing its significance to much less
But I shall use this as my propellent
To be a more articulated appellant
To the role of unqualified that I have cast
And ensure I, my doubts have surpassed

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.15


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