Let Us All Be Afflicted

My forehead furrows
My heart wrenches
Like a freshly laundered sheet
Squeezed of the last drop of water
At the lack of scruples
Of some of my fellow men
No humanity or empathy
Beneath greed and selfish intention
I cannot contemplate the point of view
That allows actions
Without thought of consequence
For anyone else
But only for what they can gain
My faith in mankind dwindles
In such behaviour
But then as suddenly
Like a remedy sold for an ailment
Someone comes along
And restores my belief
In the beings that I share this mortal coil with
In the souls that love one another
That make the world a better place
They are out there in abundance
An example
And may their love spread
Infect the oblivious
The takers
Killing with kindness
Until the whole world is suffering
From the same affliction
Of empathy and compassion for all

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.14

FOWC: Sold
RDP: Scruple
Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

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