Still Fishing

It isn’t like the other moron
The one who makes stupid look genius
No, the oxymoron is the opposite
Clearly confused
In the black light
He looks like a wise fool
Who will linger undecided
And tow the fishing line
Then waver at what he’s caught
To catch and release or to keep
That you might want to let out
A silent scream
By this genuine fake
Who leaves you with the only choice
To flee before the hook digs in
For fear of infection of idiocy
Of one who does not have the gumption
To recognize the prize before him
And still wishes to dip into the waters
Just in case he could snag better
Let his line remain feather light
As you swiftly get away
And swim to what you truly deserve

Debbie Gravett © 2021.05.23

RDP: Gumption
FOWC: Oxymoron
Image by ruthieprasil from Pixabay

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