Struggle of Self and Love

Wrangle me a helpful heart
That I may not despise you so
It takes too much of my energy
To build these walls of barricade
Against the eggshells that I walk
In presence of your permanent offence
Always on the brink of breaking over
Condemned for standing for myself
Expected to be accommodating
To the indistinguishable blur
Of what I once saw for my life
I’m bound to my effort to not be harsh
Love all no matter their acid
But I struggle with the push and pull
Of head and heart to right and wrong
Forgive, forget or fight and stand
Compassionate and empathetic I try
But how much do I have to sacrifice
Or is there a point where I do accept
Some connections are meant to be
And others doomed to separate
Though this link be in respect of another
I doubt that I can continue to bring
Acceptance to your fickle flip-flopping
With undisclosed commentary
Hid behind jest and laughter
Worked its way through the vine
I dispute with my own voice
One breath to defend my stance
The other to berate my stern rigidity
Seldom practiced in honour of myself

Debbie Gravett © 2021.05.05

RDP: Laughter
FOWC: Blur
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

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