Moving To The Top

I got a brief glimpse of her
That woman that I used to be
The one who made you all happy
Irrespective of how it made her feel
The one you dumped your problems on
And forgot to ask how she was doing
Each aspect of her being people pleasing
So desperate to be liked or loved
She surrendered herself to each one’s will
No one really knew her except to say
What a wonderful person that she was
Because she fulfilled their need that day
And now that she has been banished
To the realm of distant growth memory
The new version isn’t always well received
Because she doesn’t agree to everything you say
She has opinions of her own and goals
That may differ to the picture that you have in mind
And sometimes she’s not willing to listen
To all the complaints that you have to make
She’s outgrown the agony aunty routine
The one who will do everything that you need
Because you’re no longer first on her list
And neither are you, nor you, nor you
She is the top of the chart of her own priority
Her happiness
Her feelings
Are finally important to her

Debbie Gravett © 2021.05.03

RDP: Glimpse
FOWC: Aspect
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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