Quietly Closer

#FFFC95As he began to cut away the protection of his sheltered life others were afraid of him. He was a mysterious shadow of the unknown with awkward social skills in their opinion.
His quietness made them feel uncomfortable in the echo of their own voices. They labelled him odd, but could not deny his work ethic, abilities and knowledge in his chosen field of information technology.
Their attempts at ridicule and placing him in the spotlight to foster conformity to what would make them feel at ease did not work because he was not in need of acceptance. He was happy within himself and only felt the need to talk when he had something to say.
She envied him and wished she could tone down her extroversion and loud, bubbly voice. It was his lack of commentary on the goings on around him that kept him out of trouble and that very thing that often left her feeling guilty about things that she had said and assumptions she made. She didn’t like gossip, but often found herself partaking to a small degree. It was hard, but she was determined to do so less until she could exclude herself completely from such conversations and just listen to what others had to say and not feel the need to add her two cents worth. Pink cheeks betrayed the thought at what he might think of her big mouth.
Her energy, smile and effervescent personality was what captivated him. Its magnetism pulled him quietly closer.

by Debbie Gravett © 2020.12.09

FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #95
Inserted Image by Forgottenx at DeviantArt
Main Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

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