Sanity and I

Deprived of sleep
Deprived of sanity
Sanity to think
Sanity gone
Gone far away
Gone temporarily
Temporarily to permanent
Temporarily I hope
Hope closed eyes
Hope to rest
Rest my troubled mind
Rest my wary head
Head crazed
Head in a haze
Haze bordering madness
Haze cannot focus
Focus on today
Focus to understand
Understand others
Understand words
Words repeated
Words up and down
Down a rabbit hole
Down for the count
Count sheep
Count the days
Days of wake
Days obsessed
Obsessed with the depth
Obsessed dreams
Dreams strange
Dreams forgotten
Forgotten tasks
Forgotten dates
Dates of importance
Dates to the doctor
Doctor fix it
Doctor let slumber
Slumber I must
Slumber now
Now brain awake
Now thinking
Thinking run amok
Thinking why
Why still alert
Why am I
I can’t any more
I surrender

Debbie Gravett © 2018.10.08

#OctPoWriMo: Moments of Madness
Image by Pixabay/Gellinger

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