Unspoken – #OctPoWriMo

Dear Unforgiving Soul,

I know not what I have done to earn your scorn
Disguise and pretence attempted by those around you
To make me feel welcome and included
But the misgivings that you have break the surface
With misspoken words and curious deeds
That I tried so hard to ignore to no avail
I wish you knew how much you hurt me
How many tears I cried in vain for you
Though I need to thank you for making me stronger
And eventually I knew what to do
You expected too much insight from a mere adolescent
Innocent and naive I did not know all the trickery and lies
But you shall hold it against me, seemingly for the rest of our lives
So I hereby release myself from your unjust judgements
And I release you from my anger and my pain
May you live your life well and may it be good
I wish you only the best going forward
And leave with a little bit of sadness
That our connection couldn’t overcome the past
And this conversation is unspoken
This letter unsent

All my love,
The Odd One Out

Debbie Gravett © 2018.10.07

#OctPoWriMo: Unsent Letters
Image by Pixabay/Bru-nO

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