Dead Life Floating

Finger running down the lines
Waiting for it to underline
The details of my life
In this obituary column
That I’m certain must contain
What I thought it would be
My hopes and dreams
Gone to rot in all this change
I do not decorate the scene
For I am hunched and bent
Shouldering each and every day
Out of the way
To get to the next with hopes
That it will be better
Closer to my imaginings
That magic will twinkle
Like fairy dust from a wand
And all will be fixed
Each problem
Every single one
That life will be easy
A smooth sail on calm waters
And I to float peacefully through it
Seeing pictures in the clouds
Stunning sunsets and dawns
Bathed golden by the moon
Wishing further on the stars
But then
What would be the point of existence
If there were nothing left to do
To conquer, master and enjoy

Debbie Gravett © 2022.10.06

FOWC: Decorate
RDP: Obituary

Image by Samuel Busetto from Pixabay

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