Scraps of Affection

Foaming at the mouth
For the little affection you toss my way
Like scraps to a rabid dog
The starvation turns to insanity
No snazzy collar to declare me yours
So you can set me aside when you’re done
Put me to the streets like a stray
But I’ve had a glimpse at the steak of sanity
Not yet within my jowls to chew on
But licked the flavour of the idea
And now I’ll follow the aroma
To loving myself enough to release from your order
To find the gravy my self-respect is smothered in
To not be your last demanding, controlling call
To define that you are not my master
And I am not your servant nor your pet
But I the master of my own fate
This realization is the medication
To my previous froth of desperation
The old number I’ve left chained to your wall
Once I disentangled myself

Debbie Gravett © 2022.05.16

FOWC: Rabid
RDP: Snazzy

Image by stux from Pixabay

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