It Hasn’t Happened

In the shadows of darkness
You drape yourself around me
A comforting cool embrace
Quickly turned to suffocation
Attempts to push me beneath
Under the level of breathing
Bury me in the hole I’ve dug
Thought you were my solution
But your claws sink deeper
Into the softest of my flesh
Drowning my mind into the pain
Constantly pulling it back
A quagmire of quicksand
Focused on my torment
Replaying each nail that bites
Teeth marks in my skin
From the iron grip you have
On my vulnerable sensibilities
The monster of my mentality
Leaving me in thoughts of insanity
No ladder in my brain to help me out
Confounded by the lack of ability
To accomplish anything
The darkness growing darker
Midnight black without a light
And at this lowest point
The only way is up
Inter the negativity under me
Making steps
To ground level and higher still
Intangible overpowering fear
Player of my mind
I am stronger
Than what hasn’t happened

Debbie Gravett © 2019.10.30

RDP: Falling
FOWC: Solve
Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

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