Make Memories

Paging through photographs of memories
Reflections of a life having been lived
Testimony to great adventures experienced
Times with fewer wrinkles and kilograms
Legacy and stories to pass down
Remembering each one portrayed, since lost
A documented existence to be shared once gone
But there is still life available for living
While you’re breathing Earth’s vital air
Take it by the reins and ride it ‘til the last
Add more amazing artwork to your gallery
Of yet unconcluded chronicals for this cycle

Debbie Gravett © 2019.01.14

#JusJoJan: 14 January 2014 – Reflection
Image by Pixabay/jarmoluk


5 thoughts on “Make Memories

    1. Yes it is that time of year Dave. We’re busy packing to move house and my daughter had me looking through my scrapbooks and other old photos before they landed in the box, thus prompting the poem. I’ll have to Google about Janus. Wishing you a fantastic 2019.

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    2. Wow Dave! You couldn’t have introduced me to a better god – Beginnings and gates are exactly what it is about for me at the moment moving to a new house. Thanks for teaching me something new. Have an amazing day.

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