If I were you
If I could decide
Decide what to wear
Decide what to do
Do better
Do more
More fun
More good
Good for you
Good to know
Know you’re not me
Know I’m just fine
Fine as I am
Fine without you
You who judges
You unaccepting being
Being me is great
Being of light
Light of thought
Light in my eyes
Eyes absorbing
Eyes amazed
Amazed by nature
Amazed in life
Life of choice
Life to live
Live every day
Live my way
Way can change
Way of if
If I were you
If I could say
Say I wouldn’t change
Say stay the same
Same as you are
Same as no one
One different
One unique
Unique is great
Unique as all
All adding something
All making the world
World built of talent
World of many
Many make it work
Many work together
Together help up
Together support

Debbie Gravett © 2018.10.13

#OctPoWriMo: If I were you
Image by Pixabay/geralt

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