Are you his sister, her husband, their daughter or her mother? We have these labels about who we are in relation to someone else or something like a job. You’re a lawyer, a doctor or – head bowed down – only a receptionist. Why? Stop the judging and start learning people’s names and who they are as a person. Let them have a voice and encourage them to sing – not necessarily literally. We’re each here on earth for our own purposes. Yes, our paths cross with others and we are connected, but that shouldn’t define us, it should add to the amazing base that we are all on our own.

Are my words fading,
My voice growing dim?
Is there anybody out there,
Someone listening?
The abrupt loss of identity
Divorce, death and old age
Children moving out
And unemployed opportunity
When these things that define us
Are suddenly no more
We are forced to ask
Who are we now?
You haven’t changed
Just your circumstance
Time to be the you
That you always were
Not attached to another’s existence
Not a mom, wife, brother, sister
Or any of those things
But an individual with possibility
Find your voice and sing

Debbie Gravett © 2018.05.03

Daily Prompt: Abrupt
Image by Pixabay/StockSnap

4 thoughts on “Sing

  1. I so agree. I thought that the worst thing in my life was when I ceased to be Mrs. But, a very good psychologist told me to go to college because my mind was being wasted. I did, at age 36, and the joy that my life took in from teaching college students was so much. Now retired, I am looking forward to the next role, rather than bemoaning the loss of the previous one. Wonderful post.

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