Sleepless Insane

Oh sleep, you wretched bed companion
You’ve left me alone on this mattress again
Wide awake, with a mind more crystal clear than glass
With nothing to think of, and you my craving
It’s years since we’ve spent quality time together
You and I in any comfortable place
Some mornings I awake thinking we might have visited
But soon it becomes obvious that my eyes were closed
My body and mind however, constantly busy
Throughout the darkness of the night
And when morning breaks I still yearn for you
I might stay curled in the covers hugging my pillow
But it’s useless, because you are gone
Never staying for long, never replenishing me
I require a restart in our relationship
For somewhere you have gotten mixed signals
Thought that I was not interested
But I can assure you now, late nights working
Are a thing of a distant past
Ignoring your incessant signals no more
For I know you and I must spend much time together
My body needs you, and so too my failing mind

Debbie Gravett © 2018.03.02

Daily Prompt: Restart
Image by Pixabay/kellepics

8 thoughts on “Sleepless Insane

  1. This is wonderful. I, too, have a very tumultuous relationship with sleep. So I COMPLETELY understand where these words come from. My reasons are not the same as yours for my Rocky relationship, but still the outcome seems the same. I hope you find an answer and some peace soon and get a good night’s sleep some time soon!

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    1. Thanks Alice. I feel like I’m losing my mind with lack of good, deep sleep. I’m cutting down on coffee – even though it’s decaf and drinking more water. Let’s see how that works. Good luck with getting some sleep.

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      1. Lol, I drink far too much soda. That’s my caffeine source. So you might be on to something there. I definitely need it to function throughout the day, but maybe I should try to stop after a certain time at night. I am a late nighter but hate mornings. And no matter how little sleep I get, I still want to stay up late at night. But then I have to get up early on the weekdays. And then I will often sleep late on weekends or days off when I can. It’s a terrible sleep pattern but I just can’t help it. It’s how I’m built. It’s in my genetics. I feel more alive at night. Good luck with your sleep plight 😁

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  2. oh lordy, I had an insomnia night tonight. This poem is too right. I wonder who Sleep is spending time with since it’s not with me nor you. … mind slips into paranoid fantasies of who Sleep is spending time with due to lack of sleep . . . (laughing)

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