Pick for all

With fire and fury and flames running through me
I fail to understand the madness of it all!
Asylums for the mentally insane no longer needed
As the whole world is home to this affliction.
That we do not band together and put a stop,
A stop to the lunacy of leadership and power,
Tolerate candidates, both inept for the job,
Find no eviction for embezzlers and the corrupt
And watch dictators destroy what once worked.
Guidance is required and one to sail the ship,
Abstinence is futile, for then only those that speak
Have the duty to decide for whole nations.
Shout foul in the face of these irksome goings on,
But unless we pull together and tolerate only the best
We’re doomed to suffer at the hands of those we detest.
The time has come to stop thinking of ourselves
And what the rulers bring for me and me alone,
Rather what they build for all of us and how they make us grow.
Stand together, not one in a palace and the other with no home at all,
One with a feast fit for a king and half a million starving.
At least the bare minimum of humanity for all
And what they do with that be on their head not yours.
Pick those with this intention not that of self-luxuriating prophesies,
They are our only hope to escape this deranged reality.

Debbie Gravett © 2016.11.08

via Daily Prompt: Irksome

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