Lost or Not

What is this yield from life unexpected
Seemingly gone awry to the plan
So extravagant and extensive in detail
What nefarious force has been at play
To pull me so far off course that I cannot remember
The moment it all went astray
Did I even know at the time that I had mis stepped
I have no recollection, none at all of this event
But gradually I grew further from the path
That I had beautifully mapped out
In my life-orientation class
And now that which I reap is not what expected
But much better and more sweet
Because I have allowed the natural flow
And released the goals of old and their regrets
To savour all that I have been given

Debbie Gravett © 2023.01.27

FOWC: Yield
RDP: Nefarious

Image by Marijana from Pixabay


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