You Can’t Only Wish

Meddlesome mind disrupts my daydreaming
With the sharp corners and harsh edges of reality
No floating feathers, unicorns, or pot-of-gold rainbows
In the picture painted by the repeating words
Of those practical ones dispensing their advice
Like a taser to bring me back to the present
The fizzy bubbles of fantasy well and truly popped
But what I have learned without a shadow of doubt
Is that decisive action is absolutely necessary
To be able to ride on the beautiful, winged horse
Or dance with the fairies, and talk to the moon
If we want it, we need to reach out to get it
Put in the time under the sun to bake our ideas
And always believe that they are possible for us

Debbie Gravett © 2023.01.16

FOWC: Meddlesome
RDP: Fizzy

Image by Sabrina from Pixabay


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