In the Eye

Dudgeon grows by every new action
The world pounding on my chest
To suck the life from my lungs
Overwhelmed with the state of it
Inconsiderate mouths opened
Without a whisper of thought
In the words spewed from them
Their effect on the unintended
These interferences in the energy
Fields of eruptions instead of vibrations
I cannot find the crucial calm
In the wave of man-made storms
Only in the eye of the hurricane
But for a minute or two
Can I catch my breath
Before I’m throw to the air again
Now building an anxiety waiting
For the next upheaval
Instead of expecting the light
We shouldn’t be living like this

Debbie Gravett © 2022.11.18

FOWC: Interference
RDP: Dudgeon

Image by marijeberting from Pixabay


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