Take Care of Our Old

A fight against the curmudgeon
That is rising from within
Tolerance diminished by age
Or is it a lack of sleep
Stolen by the changes
By the worries of this new world
Navigating the bumps
That weren’t there before
Proactive swerving
To avoid the typical
But still leaning in the direction
That I try so hard to avoid
Is it fated for all
Does growing old mean grumpy
Too many forgotten
I am blessed to have my hand held
And I believe it will be for a long time
Is loneliness the source
Sadness the place where resentment grows
The world or its people unwelcoming

Debbie Gravett © 2022.11.11

FOWC: Proactive
RDP: Curmudgeon

Image by Udo Voigt from Pixabay

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