Raising the Conversation

I don’t care for an audience
But seek one out
When venting the state of the world
The chaos of the nation and its market
I don’t care for my own words
Replacements sought
To lift like the bird’s wings
Not depress
Though the wood on my tongue
Every time I speak these miserable facts
Could do the trick well
Magnet of conversation today’s news
What further suffering to endure
Looking for the light and cheer
To raise the level of interaction
Both leaving uplifted and buoyant
But chatter seems to run quiet
If it isn’t the thunderstorm
I yearn for it to settle the dust
Wash the thoughts clean
And allow sunflowers and bees
To play beautiful tag in my mind
Hope to dance to unlimited possibilities
Under the stars of a great Universe
Cheerleader to the match we compete
To all our successes, highlighting abilities
And in this too we shall triumph

Debbie Gravett © 2022.09.28

FOWC: Market
RDP: Audience

Image by Elmer L. Geissler from Pixabay


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