Floating Under the Stars

With the swash of the tide I am pulled out to sea
Towards the artistic water-colour melting strokes
Of burning orange, whispered pink and sunflower yellow
Painted by natures masterful hand this beauty beyond compare
The sun disappearing into the light of the pitch-black night
Stars a million to be seen from floating on the waters ebb
Transference of their wishing power to my deep desire
To know this peace in bobbing water’s lapping
And see countless possibilities before me waiting for my choice
To lay my dreams on the option that I select and see it through
Ride the waves, weather the storms, and lie in tranquillity

Debbie Gravett © 2022.09.27

FOWC: Transfer
RDP: Swash

Image by David Mark from Pixabay


6 thoughts on “Floating Under the Stars

  1. A beautiful sky and poem. Though usually we get the most beautiful sunsets when there is a forest fire, sigh. We are now needing rain badly here.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately pollution creates the best sunsets. We are also in need of rain here in Johannesburg South Africa. 30 degrees C today and my veggies need watering. Nothing better for the plants than nectar from the sky direct. Thanks for reading. Wishing you great showers soon and a beautiful day.

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