Seeing the Pink in the Bubbles

Pink bubbles floating to the top
Their effervescence contagious by proximity
Everyone in the zone of their gentle detonation
Micro droplets splashing calm upon their face
Floral notes of sweetness accompany the pop
She exudes this joyful laughter and love of life
Each complicated convoluted reason for sadness
Eliminated with inspired elementary insight
No conspiracies exist for inflicted difficulties
Experiences one and all bearing benefits
Choice to see the joy and not a cacophony
A flock of birds create a cooling breeze
A wish upon their rapid flapping wings
Opportunities all to choose the image
Coloured or the negative to develop
Sneeze at the bubbles or seize their pleasure

Debbie Gravett © 2022.09.21

FOWC: Elementary
RDP: Effervescence

Image by Patricio González from Pixabay

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