Don’t Jump In

Do not don your cape
When you think I fail
To save me from the world
To rescue me from life
Do not run to make it right
For that will truly be a fail
To fix it for me I’ll miss the lesson
I’ll do it all again
And again
Repeated ad infinitum
Every time someone else corrects it
I’ll never learn how to do it
To figure it out myself
Your task if you choose to accept
Is to support, advise if I ask
And guide me on my way
But this path and life are mine
To faulter and misstep as I must
To find my feet
Learn to be sturdy on them
And not be carried all the way
Because what will happen on the day
That none of you are around

Debbie Gravett © 2022.08.28

FOWC: Fail
RDP: Cape

Image by Gerd Rohs from Pixabay


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