Will it Change the Outcome?

I cannot see the scars or purple bruising
That I’m sure decorate my red beating heart
But I’m almost certain that they are there
Because the damage seems to be permanent
I keep coming back to the wounds of the past
Like angry raised ropes of half repaired cut skin
Not those thrown like a life preserver to rescue me
But to wrap around me and squeeze the life out
They pull me into memories I’d hoped forgotten
Or at least dealt with and left far behind in the distance
In their precision I am placed into scenes as I remember
Feelings suppressed, rise in retaliation to bury me once more
Drown me by the heft of their intense grey shadows of misery
That devour any little morsels of happiness that might linger
I do not rekindle the warm recollections of childhood
But still search for the original sources of my injuries
Is there a purpose?
Is there a point?
Is there an end to the exploration?
Will answers make a difference?
Will they change the future?
Or can I do that anyway?

Debbie Gravett © 2022.08.19

FOWC: Rekindle
RDP: Purple

Image by Agata Mucha from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Will it Change the Outcome?

    1. Thank you Astrid. I’m sorry and glad that it is relatable. Sometimes it is nice to know that we’re not alone in our feelings, but I don’t wish these on others. Sending love and light to you. Have a wonderful day.

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