Spread the Love

Today is my birthday and I hope that everyone can feel as blessed and loved as I do. My wish is for children to grow up knowing their worth and believing in their place on earth. We all have an amazing purpose and need to have faith in ourselves. Sending love and light to you all. Have a fabulous day.

Today my name was carved into the tree of being
Etched into the history of forever more
I came with explicit instructions not to be ignored
To be loved, cherished and adored
To spread this love to all who come into my life
For they too deserve to feel the warmth
Believe the value of their birth and being
And create indelible marks of wonder on the earth
A cycle of generations knowing their worth
And sharing it to make a better world

Debbie Gravett © 2022.08.05

FOWC: Explicit
RDP: Carved

Image by Michaela from Pixabay


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