Burning Triangle of Freedom

Today I wrote a letter to myself
I had to have it down in words
Not to keep and read over and again
But to burn and to release the feelings
With passion and intentions of healing me
Remind myself of all I have achieved
Stop the repeated pattern of blame
Nullify this long list of failures
That truly isn’t such a thing at all
For by the standards of others
I have constantly judged myself
And they have neither lived my life
Nor fought my exact battles that I have
So with the goal of freedom I did imbue
Folded to three corners body, mind and soul
I watched it smoulder then go out
I had to light it times a few
The Universe just wanted to be certain
I was absolutely sure I was ready to let go
Disintegrate the picture I have skewed
As I watched it burn, I took to heart my magic
Reminded that I am amazing
And doing great just where I am
So if you’re on the turntable of self-recrimination
Take a breath and put your pen to paper
And write some words, a line or plenty
Remind yourself mistakes are lessons
Nothing to regret or grieve
Give to you the pass you give to others
To be human, learn and grow
Change if you wish
And from the ashes of the pages
Fly free of your own critical judgment
And celebrate the wins
Nothing failed or gotten wrong
For there is no part time life
Just living it to the best of our ability
And doing better when we know

Debbie Gravett © 2022.08.04

FOWC: Passion
RDP: Part Time

Image by Alicja from Pixabay


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