Burnt Letter of Release

I could not find the courage to speak my mind
For fear of inflicting unintended pain or misunderstanding
Or my words falling on consciously deafened ears
So I ask your soul to accept this telepathic shipment
In the crumbling grey ashes of a burnt letter
With the intention of clarity and mutual release
To be free from tension, pain, and stress
Quiet the vinyl disc that rotates on repeat in my head
Holding a conversation that is surely needed
But not willing to be addressed by either one of us
I explain myself without the earnest longing to be right
Nor for you to be proven wrong, or look a fool
But to tell you that I’m done!
I no longer wish to battle this futile war between us
You have your inflexible views upon my being
And I have attained the wisdom to know that it is alright
I do not need permission to be myself from anyone
Not everybody needs to like nor approve of me
So I am accepting the impasse that we’re at as final
I will not bow to make you happy or comfortable
And I do not expect you to compromise your belief
I release us both from the struggle that is our bond
We may never break it complete
As there will always be a tether connected by others
But I choose to allow it to exist with a disconnect
Mere threads that do not need to be mended once again
Only to be pulled apart and exposed shortly down the line
Therefore, we’ll leave them bare, knowing they exist as such
Free of expectations and obligations from either side

Debbie Gravett © 2022.07.20

FOWC: Shipment
Image by LEEROY Agency from Pixabay


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