Where Do The Words Go?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “make a note.” Do with it what you will. Have fun!


When the thought struck
I always promised I would remember
But seldom could I ten minutes later
So now I have made a vow to myself
Pen and paper wherever I am
Next to my bed, in my handbag
In the kitchen, the study, my car
The story ideas come with perfect words
And then disappear almost immediately
Once they have been heard by me
The whispers like a fog struck by the sun
They evaporate, forever lost if I don’t
Make a note of exactly what I heard
You’ll see me suddenly jump to it
Reach for my writing implements
Or my phone, or dash for my laptop
Like a race against an unseen hourglass
Filled with only a few grains of sand
Or that sun to rise and vaporize it all
Now I’m stuck with arbitrary notes
Various words stuck all over the place
Books full of them with little sense
Until I learned to put a heading with them
What’s this about that I’m scribbling
Now instead of cursing them
I’m thanking these conversations
With my amazing ethereal muses
That is until they start talking during meditation
And I’m torn between taking dictation
Or completing the quiet time
That is allowing me a gap to let these ideas in
I wonder if the words I haven’t used
Have been given to somebody else
With a better memory than mine
To do something constructive with
I guess I’ll know when I read their story
And it either jogs the clouds of fog
Or vaguely sounds familiar

Debbie Gravett © 2022.07.09

SoCS: Make a Note
Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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