Climb to the Sun

For the terrible things that happened
That you recall from your earliest recollections
I am fighting to recount all the wonderfully good
When you can’t find the reason to be joyful
I remind you that you are alive and breathing
Beneath a roof, within walls, and fed
Your woeful disposition in the mire of gloom
Is a struggle for me to wade against
But I will try until my very last breath
Because for every one of your problems
I find three blessings that already exist
In your hunger for pain, I hunger for hope
And though I don’t always get it right to smile
Sometimes find myself in that dark pit
I am determined to continue to climb out
Because I enjoy the sunlight way too much

Debbie Gravett © 2022.06.21

FOWC: Disposition
RDP: Hunger

Image by mario-k from Pixabay

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