Supporting the Ones We Need

The point has gone missing
In this economic world
You’ve lost your reason
And it all seems so futile
Waking each day to struggle
Where the ends don’t meet
And no amount of effort makes them
But I can’t see you lose hope my friend
Because the world needs you
And your amazing colossal heart
In building the minds of tomorrow’s generation
Such important work that you do
I have to believe that the Universe will help you
Push a little from each side
To bring ease to your journey
Because we need you
This world, and I most certainly do
I wish you see the display of compassion soon
Deserved by a magical soul like you
That your breath may be light
And your steps joyful

Debbie Gravett © 2022.06.20

FOWC: Display
RDP: Colossal

Image by chenspec from Pixabay

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