Losing My Mind

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cent/scent/sent.” Use them in any form you like. Use one, use two or use them all. Bonus points if you use all three, and Cheryl will put your next drink on David’s tab. I know, you used to get bonus points for two, but inflation… Enjoy!


I’ve already written a post for this week
But I have no idea where I got the prompt from
I don’t know about cent, scent or sent
But I most certainly think that I’ve lost all sense
Penny for your thoughts would be a wasted cent
Because my mind has clearly been derailed
And I should be sent on vacation immediately
Without consideration for responsibility
Or the cents that must be spent
But rather pull the scent of the sea deep into my nostrils
And have the grit of the sand clean my feet
The salt of the water clear my sinus passages
And the orchestra of the waves calm by soul
And rock me to sleep to rest my raging thoughts
That I may come back restored and able to think straight
Thankfully only another week to go
Before I am blessed to do exactly this
And now I hope I got the prompt right
The other looked familiar, the picture thing
I think it was last weeks leftovers
That today’s never pasted over
So now I’ll not so gracefully leave my keyboard
And try my hand at dinner
Hope I’m able to get that right

Debbie Gravett © 2022.06.18

SoCS: cent/scent/sent
Image by CANDICE CANDICE from Pixabay

7 thoughts on “Losing My Mind

    1. Now that’s not fair. My mind is already half gone and now I’m contemplating that question. 😆 😛 I’m going to be completely gone shortly. Have a smashing day while I hunt for my mind.

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