Always Worried

How oft my stomach knots
Queasy from your conception
Once upon a time it was for myself
But when you entered my life
Everything changed completely
Competitions, exams, and the like
Reasons to bite my nails to the quick
Hold my breath
And wish with renewed desperation
Though my logic knows
This is not my life
And achievements are up to you
I still beg for smooth sailing and calm seas
Cringe and weigh heavy in my seat
If anything should foreshadow difficulty
And I try as I might to free myself from worry
You are my child and so connected
That my heart will always cheer for you
And my nerves be frayed by concern
For the best life that you can have

Debbie Gravett © 2022.06.17

FOWC: Foreshadow
RDP: Achievement

Image by edsavi30 from Pixabay

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