Take Care

There’s trouble brewing
A protest is looming
And I’m not listening
The signs are all there
But I’m ignoring them
Because they don’t fit
With the narrow view
That I’ve been taking
For these last many days
My body does decry
The abuse that I’ve served
For far too long
I didn’t hear the whisper
I shook my head at more
And now it’s screaming
Dull hair and complexion
A heart that has forgotten
Doesn’t remember how to smile
My hunched over frame
Constantly in defence
Self-preservation mode
Because I’m always expecting
The outcome to be bad
Behaviour to be sad
And I’m not sure what’s got me
Unsettled and uneasy
But I gotta start listening
Because the next step
Is a gradual shutdown
When it stops working
Trips me up and slows me down
Forces a recess or complete stop
A reassessment of what I’m doing
Time to take care
Time to rest

Debbie Gravett © 2022.06.10

FOWC: Dull
RDP: Decry

Image by jplenio from Pixabay

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