Straying From the Edge

In the calm of the waters among the cattails
My energy floats away from the shore
Further from safety, towards the rapids
Anxiety coming to a frenzied climax
At taking a risk in my sedate life
Why now?
Why ever?
What have I done?
Temptation to quit before I am done
Before the end
Before the result is known
I am committed to the flow of the river
And it is futile to fight its power
I can only grab for trust and faith
That which launched me into the shiny waters
Belief that I would not grow without stretching
Straying from the comfort of land
Believing that I was meant for more
More than a mere existence
And now I am stronger
In belief
Of my purpose
Of my power
Of my place
Because I tried and didn’t give up

Debbie Gravett © 2022.06.07

FOWC: Climax
RDP: Cattail

Image by Eric Haggart from Pixabay

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