You’ve Changed –   You Better Believe It!

The obstacles I set in my own beam of light
Trying to adhere to my twisted version of proper
One I adopted and adjusted from society
And all who I allowed influence in my life
The narrow lines that I’ve always kept between
Bending and almost breaking to fit the shape
That I’d never stopped to question or assess
Always the good girl changing to please the one I was with
I would be the socks to your shoes, salt to your pepper
But always the sidekick to your hero never the lead
For that requires confidence in which I was short
But when the day came where it had grown
And I began to wonder and look at the other options
Started to alter where I wanted to fit
You got offended and cried that I had changed
Of course I had
Because I have decided to grow
To move beyond the one who fits all of your calls
To be my own self, the one you can’t handle
One who marches to her commands and not yours

Debbie Gravett © 2022.05.12

FOWC: Proper
RDP: Beam

Image by MPMPix from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “You’ve Changed –   You Better Believe It!

    1. Best of luck. It was a very important step for me to learn that I’m not here to bend to everyone else’s wishes, and I matter. I deserve to be treated well and with respect and consideration. Beautiful life lessons. I hope that you feel no guilt in caring for yourself and your needs. Have a fabulous day.

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