Fallible Human

Happy Mother’s Day for those celebrating today and for those missing their moms.
Today I would normally write something sweet and nice, but for some reason this came out with both sides. Some maybe from being a mother, and others from personal experience, and other lines don’t belong to me at all. If it resonates with you then I send you love and light.
Relationships can be complex or sometimes just magical. Everyone deserves to know that someone thinks they are special, like that perfect picture of a mom. If that is not your circumstance, then I wish you great love no matter the source, and today I wish you inner peace.

She is the weeping rock with a million faces
Held back tears spill on her pillow in private spaces
She fills the shoes that you need her to at the time
Learns all that she possibly can to help you and guide you
Holder of many different secrets, her emotions the biggest ones
Your shield and your anchor, her arms a favourite hiding place
And then sometimes she’s none of these things
She is life’s hardest lessons that you don’t want to learn
A conundrum of pains and tragedies you know nothing about
The heat of your anger and centre of many regrets
But can you imagine that she’s doing the best she knows at the time
She is human, this mother that might not know how
And I’m sure that she loves us with my measure of doubt
She is fallible and so too am I, for that matter you as well
Whether we chose her, or she chose us, or a surrogate for another
There are many standing in, for those who are absent, or no longer
And no matter the tether that you have, or had to yours
I wish you a love that is true, from the finest source

Debbie Gravett © 2022.05.08

FOWC: Heat
RDP: Faces

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

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