Tossing the Loathing

Tossed to the ocean
To be broken and shattered
Against black jagged rocks
Cut to unrecognizable shreds
These insecurities and doubts
That I have glued to myself
And carried for too many years
To discover my worth
Find my value in the washing
Rinsing of my troubled mind
Salty droplets meeting salty sea
Heart wrung out and strung
Like slimy seaweed dragging
Pulling me under in despair
Looking for the answers
In the sparkling waters
And the foam of whitewash
No fabrication of fantasies
But a vow of love
A wedding between myself

And myself
A promise to love and cherish
Who I am
And know my value
Know my worth
Believe in them
Believe in me
Have faith
Trust in me
Honour myself

Debbie Gravett © 2022.05.03

FOWC: Fabrication
RDP: Wedding

Image by Shakti Shekhawat from Pixabay

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