Rumbles of Maturing Rage

From the volcano of menopause
Gurgling in the blackest of darkness
Until an abrupt explosion consumes all
A disproportionate reaction to a mere judder
And the fires of hell rage and burn within
Targets sought to vent this inferno of anger
Unjust and ignited from nowhere
Or the search for the flint in the years before this
Could it have laid in wait ready for internal friction
Or just another stage of life that we must endure
Gone crazy, insanely confused, and lost
To become an all knowing wise woman
Or lose the entire plot through the pores of aging
Sadness the heaviest rock that has come to lodge
In the heart of the unknown, the uncertain
The lady gone mad with a mysterious combusting fury
Questioning half her life that has gone already
Afraid of the other half that lies ahead
And overcoming these fields of flame and ash

Debbie Gravett Β© 2022.04.15

Image by Vicki Hamilton from Pixabay

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