Purpose of the Conscious Breath

On magical oxygen molecules of the atmosphere
Calm floats around us waiting to be sucked in
Deep into the chambers of our hearts
Refuel the balance of our immortal souls
To gather the flakes of our composure together
Compact them tightly to reattach to our sanity
Breath, the voodoo of the complicated mind
To focus on the path it takes into our bodies
Dispersed via channels to raw nerve endings
Cool the blazing fires of anger burning there
Find the equilibrium of joy and sadness
The brilliant light and dank darkness of thought
Where negativity grows more mould spores daily
And the fight to vanquish them a reality
Concentration on the conscious exchange of air
One weapon to be deployed regularly
To feed our brain the gentle breeze
Temporary respite in the task to think
Rest, recover, revitalize, and regain energy
To introduce the notions of hope and possibility

Debbie Gravett © 2022.04.11

FOWC: Calm
RDP: Flake

Image by makunin from Pixabay

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