Into Earth’s Arms

Trailing fingers in the river sparkling with diamond reflection
To throw my grief like the heavy pebbles into the waters
That its jagged edges might be cleaned and smoothed
Nervous energy brushed with gentle leaves and grass
To calm the torrent of raging blood flooding my ears
And return back to the bird song, soft breeze, and rustling trees
Tender wave across my ruddy cheeks attempts to dry them
And I, hopelessly lost in my melancholy and miserable despair
To appreciate the healing Earth with outstretched arms to comfort me
Always ready to receive me no matter my current state
To impart to me energy of grace and breath of tranquility
Transmute my sorrows to hopes and remind me of forgotten dreams
To restore to me the memory of my beautiful soul and purpose
To lift me to my feet with encouragement to always try again

Debbie Gravett © 2022.04.10

FOWC: Nervous
RDP: Grief

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

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