The Picture Behind Our Lids

Eyes open against the nightmares of the night
The disastrous possibilities not to play upon the backs of my lids
Should I never shut them long enough to cast the shadows there
But what the consequences of this rash avoidance tack
For I cannot last forever without the closing of my mind
But perhaps sheer exhaustion will not give time to evil thought
When at last I shroud my world in the darkness of sleep
No time to think, but rather to find healing and recovery
But none will be found for any amount of permanence
Until the source that haunts is taken in hand and addressed
The world a most frightful and scary place indeed
But we the ones that choose to see and what it is
A bird torturing a poor defenceless worm
Or nourishing the young chicks within her nest
The harshness of life that leaves a man without a home
Or the kindness of strangers that offer food and warmth
An earth filled with opposites and gradients in between
And we with open eyes, to open heart
Select what we put upon our internal screen
The channel of magical and fantastical dreams is available

Debbie Gravett © 2022.04.07

Image by mskathrynne from Pixabay

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