Look, No Mask

In the trivial arch of their brow
Lies somebody’s personality
What fazes them and questions them
Speaks about who they are
Do not ignore this fine motion
Because it is the truth sometimes hid
Beneath a well-honed persona
Pleasing to whom they think you’d like them be
With a residue of their soul that they try to eclipse
In case you do not approve and might reject
A sad reality to be accepted only if you meet
The list of required characteristics
But also not
Because we are allowed to like whom we like
Befriend those whom we feel a connection with
Not to the unkindness towards others
To be loved because of who we naturally are
Our authenticity without the threat of any slip
Enough for the right people

Debbie Gravett © 2022.04.06

FOWC: Trivial
RDP: Residue

Image by donations welcome from Pixabay

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