What Do You See in the Flames?

The lick of fire from the flambeau
Holds the deep contemplations of life
In the still darkness of a lost night
The timeframe of these ticking minutes
And where we find ourselves now
Dance in the hot colourful flames
This self-examination of the days lived
And conciliatory current reality
Sometimes fail in their attempts
To light the beauty of the path’s trajectory
The magnificence in growth and knowledge
For knowing oneself is a mastered art
And the acceptance of that person
The greatest mastery
With fond recollection in the flickering glow
And guilt and regret reconciled to ashes
In the shadow of gratitude found
For the steps that brought us here
For the fact that we can consider our tomorrow

Debbie Gravett © 2022.03.25

FOWC: Conciliatory
RDP: Flambeau

Image by Timothy90 from Pixabay

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