Sculpting With Love

Fingers along the raw terracotta edges
Along the once pliable smoothed plastic muddy earth
Soft into the fire and strong on the way out
Cruse burnt to strength and moulded to holding
Carrying the liquid of life beneath the tasteful lines
Shaped and carved by talented sculptor’s hands
The same that offer open arms and a sturdy shoulder
Advice and care to the rough young forgotten souls
To cherish and remind of their great worth
Fill to the brim with confidence, encouragement, and love
Recreate a natural vessel of unrivalled beauty and fortitude

Debbie Gravett © 2022.03.17

FOWC: Tasteful
RDP: Cruse

Image by riteshphotography from Pixabay

5 thoughts on “Sculpting With Love

      1. Unfortunately for us in the southern hemisphere – South Africa – it’s the first day of Autumn. Time to get out the warm clothes. Although our winters are not nearly as severe as some places I’ve seen pictures of in the States – but still cold for us warm-bloodeds. Enjoy your approaching warmth. I love Spring. So beautiful.

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