Self-Healing Magical Vessel

This body and mind are robust
Thinking and creating magical new things
The apprentice to the master that is life
Adapting and adjusting in the face of change
Swallowing down fear to overcome the terrifying
The heart mends after it is bleeding and broken
While we suck life into the lobes of our chest
Exhaling our frustrations, to begin again
Wrapping our arms around a loving friend
Flexing our hands at many different things
Learning, honing talents and serving others
Listening to the wise brain in our bellies
Through twisted stomach pangs of emotion
Heavy with baggage and long-standing regret
Which our minds and hearts can untangle
Gift to the ground that bears our past steps
Recognise as lessons of growth and maturity
Never permanently broken
Like the regrowth of our mendable bones
Long in the legs attached to the vehicles of movement
Our feet facing forward and taking us places
The vessel of our eternal souls
Gaining enlightening Earth experiences

Debbie Gravett © 2022.02.23

FOWC: Robust
RDP: Apprentice
Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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